Email Categorizer

This project is an addin for Microsoft Outlook to enrich emails.

Download latest version in Github releases.

The EUMEL Suite Email Categorizer is designed to add a project name, category, or topic to an email’s subject before send. Project names are added to the subject with opening and closing tags, e.g. [ and ]. After sending an email, a dialogue is shown. The dialogue shows the subject and the project, if a project is already set in the subject.

EUMEL Suite Categorizer

After accepting the dialogue, the email is sent with the selected category in opening and closing tags. Project names or topics can be stored for later use.

Getting Started

After installation of this Office addin and after an email is sent, a EUMEL Categorizer dialogue pops up.

Subject Editor

The project can be selected from a drop down list, left ampty, or an own value can be specified. The project can be stored for later use. By default, on forwarded and replied emails, the checkbox is unchecked.

The Undo button discards the parsing of the email e.g. if the opening and closing characted were not used for the project.

Cancel aborts the email sending process. Discarding the email must still be done in outlook.

The Send button created the new subject, replaces the original one and continuous the sending process.


A so called outlook backstage view is added to configure the settings, e.g. storage backends and opening and closing tags.

Configuration Entry

The category manager allows to remove stored categories.

The settings manager allows to modify the default settings.

Manage Categories

Categories Editor

The Clear button will clear all categories.

Cancel discards any changes and remains the list unchanged.

Save persists the list of categories

Manage Settings

The settings editor allows the user to change the settings.

Settings Editor

The following settings are available:

Multiple sources can be combined but categories are only stored in the Write Storage. The WriteStorage is always used as source for reading categories so it does not need to be included in the Use* settings.

Note The registry stores the initial configuration, where to find the entire EUMEL Suite configuration settings.

Registry Settings

Eumel.ClearOnStart is used to reset all changes to the default values. Eumel.ConfigStore is used to store the backend, where the config settings are stored. Eumel.ConfigStoreSettings are used to provide configuration settings for the config store.


Currently, a self signed certificate and a intermediate CA needs to be added to the certificate store.

Add eumel-ca.crt to the “Trusted Root Certification Authorities”

Add eumel-categorizer-ca.crt to the “Trusted Publishers”

This will install the entire validation chain to the certificate store and trust the addin.

BEWARE: In case my personal root CA or intermediate CA got compromized, malicious code which is signed with the compromized certificate is trusted. This will bring your machine at a rist.